Stephen Troese, Jr. Discusses College Life

In 1980, Stephen Troese, Jr. started college at Indiana University-Pennsylvania as a student-athlete. There, he played college football so he understands the difficulties students often encounter when they first start college. You are living in a new place away from home where you may not know anyone. You are responsible for attending class and possibly work, and there is nobody looking over your shoulder to make sure you are getting everything done. You must learn how to do your own laundry, how to budget, and other things that will help you get through the next four years.


Although it has been nearly thirty years since Stephen Troese, Jr. was a freshman at IUP, Stephen Troese, Jr. is the father of children who are going to college. He understands that there are many challenges today’s students face. It has never been more expensive to go to school for one. In addition to that, there are many temptations out there that could derail studies, making it incredibly important to be organized and have a good support system in place. While some do experience growing pains in college, most students will figure it out and have a great time in college.


Stephen Troese, Jr. is proud of his time at IUP. Today, he is one of the premier industry leaders in energy efficiency design-build construction, and this is due, in part, to the things he learned at IUP. This blog will focus on issues regarding college life, tips for studying, how to choose a school, and more. If you are a high school senior going to school in the fall or a college student looking for additional tips, this blog may be of some help.