Stephen Troese, Jr. Discusses College Life

In 1980, Stephen Troese, Jr. started college at Indiana University-Pennsylvania as a student-athlete. He played college football here, so he has a thorough understanding of the difficulties often encountered by students when they first start college. Living in a new place away from home where you may not know anyone can be quite a shock. You are responsible for attending class and possibly also work, and there is nobody looking over your shoulder to make sure you get everything done. You must learn how to do your own laundry, how to budget, and many other things that will help you get through the next few years.

Although it has been nearly thirty years since Stephen Troese, Jr. was a freshman at IUP, he is the father of children who are now themselves going to college. He understands that there are many challenges faced by today’s students. It has never been more expensive to go to school for one. In addition to that, there are many temptations out there that could easily derail studies, making it incredibly important to stay organized and have a good support system in place. While some do experience growing pains in college, most students will figure it out and have a great time.

Stephen Troese Jr. Explores Life Lessons Learned from College

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Stephen Troese Jr. acknowledges that college is an environment where we are learning many things for the first time. From taking control of our academics without the help of our parents to cleaning and handling laundry, the fact remains that many of us have a lot to learn when we first step foot on campus.

According to Stephen, there are hundreds of things that we learn in college that are helpful to discuss ahead of beginning freshman year, and he explores a few of these top lessons here.

The Importance of Discipline

Discipline is something that college students quickly learn is required to be successful in their academic lives. Without discipline, it can be incredibly easy to fall behind in coursework and even end up failing classes. Stephen Troese Jr. speaks to how students often start their college careers with the idea that they will be able to play almost 100% of the time, but the reality is that there will be numerous occasions where they must buckle down, focus on studying, and ensure that they are performing at their best. Those without discipline often do not make it past the first semester, let alone the first year.

Advocating for Yourself is Key

College is many students’ first time advocating for themselves without the help of their parents or guardians. When students notice that their grades are slipping, they are having trouble with lessons, etc., it is up to them to advocate for themselves and make sure that they can get back on the track to success. Professors in nearly all university settings have office hours and additional ways to be reached for assistance, but it is the responsibility of the students to access them. The same goes for any issues with grading or other discrepancies that need to be handled. Advocating for oneself is an important skill that can be applied to so many situations outside of college, and building skills associated with self-advocacy will prepare students for the rigors of standing up for oneself throughout their adult lives and careers.

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Time Management Prepares You for Life

Time management is essential for success in both personal and professional endeavors, and college is one of the first opportunities that we have to build this skill. Reason being, college students will have interests and things that they want to pursue outside of coursework. However, it will always be important to allocate enough time to taking care of one’s responsibilities before play. Taking advantage of the opportunity to improve time management skills prepares students for their adult lives, where they will often not have hard set time allocated to perform their tasks. Finding a good balance between hard work and play sets individuals up for success because they will learn to know when they must hunker down and get important work done and when they can relax.

Perseverance Gets You Through Tough Times

No matter how smooth your collegiate experience is, there will certainly be times where you need to preserve and remain motivated through tough personal or academic events. There may be a tough exam that you need to prepare for, difficulties balancing school and a part time job, challenges associated with going through a breakup and still needing to get coursework done, you name it. Perseverance is key in these times, and college is often a student’s first time working to overcome these challenges with only themselves and the support networks that they have created. Top of Form

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