Stephen Troese Jr. Explains Why You Should Attend Freshman Orientation

Are you going to be a freshman in college this upcoming fall? There is probably a lot on your plate right now, but one thing Stephen Troese Jr. would encourage you to do is attend your college’s freshman orientation. This is an easy way to make contacts within your school, meet your fellow classmates, and get better acquainted with the school and its programs.

Why Is Freshman Orientation Important?


If you are moving away from home to attend college, you might have a lot of questions and concerns. This could especially be the case if you are attending a large university. Freshman student orientation allows students to get acquainted with the physical campus, meet with their academic advisor, learn any safety rules, and view the academic calendar for the year.

In addition to that, student orientation allows incoming freshmen to become more comfortable with being away from home for the very first time. Although Stephen Troese Jr. was a freshman in college more than thirty years ago, he remembers some of the growing pains that he experienced in the beginning. Orientation enables these students to transition to college life easier, so they can prepare themselves for the academic challenges ahead of them.

Please keep in mind that many colleges nowadays also offer orientation for parents as well. If you are attending a school that offers such a program, you should encourage your parents to make an appearance. Parent orientation could include opportunities to meet the school’s dean, seminars on letting go, and information sessions on paying for school, financial aid, and more.

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