Stephen Troese Jr. Provides Tips for Getting Ready for the Spring Semester


Are you ready for spring yet? Stephen Troese Jr. certainly is. Although the winter season is only a few short days old, it has been quite cold in the Northeast. While it hasn’t nearly been as bad as say Erie, PA where they are still digging out, it is still downright freezing in Washington D.C.

If you are heading back to college in a week or two (hopefully somewhere in Florida or Arizona) now is the perfect time to get ready as advance planning could make things so a lot smoother for the rest of the semester. Stephen Troese Jr. says you should try the following if you don’t have every thing squared away just yet.

Make Sure Your Schedule Is in Order: Did you sleep in and now have a bunch of 8 am classes? Do you have a class with a professor who you know is way too difficult? Now is the time to go over your schedule and make sure there weren’t any last minute cancellations. Things happen, and it might be possible to change your schedule around to make your life a lot easier.

Set Up a Meal Plan or Exercise Program: Did you overindulge this holiday season? You’re not alone, which is why so many people sign up for gym memberships this time of year. Don’t be the victim of the Freshman 15. Take the time you ave off to set up a plan that will keep you healthy and in shape for Spring Break.

Take Some Time to Relax: You’re on holiday break. Act like it. Be sure to get some sleep and pamper yourself a bit as you know things will get crazy once the semester starts. Trust Stephen Troese Jr. You will be happy you took some time to relax in February when midterms come up.

Stephen Troese Jr. hopes these tips will help you when it comes time to go back to school. The truth is that college is tough and it can be incredibly stressful at times. By preparing when you can and allowing yourself to relax and enjoy yourself, you can have a successful and manageable spring semester.

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